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The "secret recipe" for high-quality dehydrated vegetables 2022-11-14
"The United States has 444 pesticide residue tests for agricultural products. If one of the indicators fails, the other party will cancel the order." Sun Lirong told reporters that it is pre
Our anniversary celebration 2022-11-14
On March 4, the lunar calendar is Feb 2, it is a tradition for Dragon to look up and cut their hair. Our Jiahe held a whole factory anniversary celebration. All of our JIAHE workers gathered together,
the updated VALID-IT certification of XINGHUA JIAHE FOODS 2022-11-14
Valid-IT is a database of UK Retailers Approved ingredient suppliers for ingredientsthat they consider high risk for being Genetically Modified or contaminated byartificial or dyes that are banned in
Our BRC Certificate Renewal, Valid until Nov 22, 2022 2022-11-14
XINGHUA JIAHE FOODS CO., LTD. has achieved grade A since 2012 and meets the requirements set our in the GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY ISSUE & AUGUST 2018.The file is the latest one, valid until
FIC Shanghai 8-10th, June 2021. Our Booth: 82V60 2022-11-14
FIC Shanghai 8-10th, June 2021. Our Booth: 82V60We are at Food Ingredients China 2021 ( Booth No. : 82V60 )Food Ingredients China (FIC) is one of the largest and professional trade shows in the field
Dehydrated Carrot 2022-11-14
Dehydrated carrots are washed,trimmed,cut,blanched,air dried,sorted,sieved,metal detected,packed in strong corrugated cartons,inner with double poly bags.Sizes available:cross cuts,strips,dices,flakes
New Season For Dehydrated Potato 2022-11-14
New crop 2021 of Dehydrated Potato cube start in end of May.Available size: 10*10*2 mm/10*10*10mm, 6*6 mm or minced 1-3 mm; powders as well.Packing: 20 kg packaged in high density PE bag inside paper
Vegetables Blend For Instant Soup 2022-11-14
Hot pot is always popular in China.....A delicious soup is the key for hot pot.In China, instant soup market has risen by 325% since the start of the pandemic. It's not hard to say why. Most peopl
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